Welcome to FCPS from the Instructional Technology Department! (2020-08-04 at 10:01 GMT-7)

Welcome to FCPS from the IT Department

Welcome to the Videos page where I have placed some of the more recent training videos I've created. If you have any other suggestions for videos, please let me know.

Here's a curated YouTube Playlist with various Tutorials if you would like to see more videos.

Creating and using your own videos for class (2020-08-13 at 10:00 GMT-7)

Creating and using your own videos

Using a Chromebook (2020-08-04 at 08:02 GMT-7)

Using a Chromebook

GSuite for Beginners (2020-08-04 at 11:00 GMT-7)

GSuite for Beginners

GSuite for Next Steps (2020-08-04 at 12:00 GMT-7)

GSuite Next Steps

Screenrecording or Screenshots (2020-08-04 at 06:02 GMT-7)

Screenrecording or Screenshots

The Basics of WeVideo Livestream (2020-04-16 at 06:00 GMT-7)

The Basics of WeVideo

Google Sites for your classroom (2020-08-12 at 07:03 GMT-7)

Google Sites for your Classroom

Edpuzzle (2020-08-04 at 07:03 GMT-7)


Introduction to Classroom and Google Meet

Google Tip and Tricks

Advanced WeVideo Tutorial

Adding audio to a stop motion video using WeVideo

Basic overview of the Viewsonic boards

Turning in assignments to Classroom