Directions for setting up your voicemail for the first time.


  • Select the Messages button on your IP Phone
  • Press the * key
  • Enter your 5 digit extension: ( Ex: 41011 -as found on the IP Extension List)
  • Enter your password, first time enrollment default password = 12345
  • You will hear – Welcome to Unity and will be asked to take some time to setup your voicemail. To ensure setup is complete please follow the instructions completely. .

NOTE: If you skip the recorded voice setup option you will not be placed in the directory.

  • You will be asked to do the following
    • Record a voice: State your First and Last Name and press the # sign to save it.
    • Personalize your greeting: this is what your callers will hear when they are sent to Voicemail. Press the # sign to save greeting.
    • Change your password: This must be at least a 3 digit number, you will be asked to confirm this and press the # sign.

Additional Voicemail or IP Phone Instructions


Placing a call on Hold:

  • Receive Call
  • Press "HOLD" button

Resuming a call on Hold:

  • Single call holding:
  • Press "RESUME" button
  • Multiple calls holding:
  • Press the up/down arrows to holding call and press "RESUME" button


Supervised Transfer:

  • Receive call
  • Press "TRANSFER" button
  • Dial Number - Example: 55555
  • Wait for called party to answer
  • Press "TRANSFER" button
  • If called party refuses call, press up/down arrows to scroll to holding call
  • Press "RESUME" button

Blind Transfer:

  • Receive call
  • Press "TRANSFER" button
  • Dial Number - Example: 55555
  • Press "TRANSFER" button


On your phone:

  • Press "MESSAGES" button
  • Enter password - Default is "12345"
  • Follow prompts

On another IP phone:

  • Pick up handset
  • Dial "43999"
  • Enter your personal 5 digit extension
  • Example - 55555
  • Enter your password
  • Follow prompts


Primary Line

  • Press "CFWDALL" button
  • Enter phone number to forward calls to
  • To cancel call forwarding, press "CFWDALL" button
  • To forward a call directly to voice mail, enter extension 43999


You can park an active call and then retrieve it from another phone.

  • During an active call, press the MORE soft key until you see the Park tab
  • Press the PARK soft key to park the call. The LCD displays the number where the call is parked.
  • Before you hang up, make a note of the call park number.
  • To retrieve the parked call, go to any ip phone in the building and dial the * and the call park number.
  • (A limited amount of time, 5mins., is all you will have to answer the call on another phone before it reverts back to the original phone.)


On a personal phone:

  • Call 540 662 3889 and press 2
  • Enter you voicemail number and pin that you created