Sites Resources

Use the links below to access valuable resources when creating your own Google Sites website.

FavIcon Generator

Use this site to generate an icon to represent your website.

Color Scheme Designer

This website allows the user to come up with a color scheme to use for their website and then to get the hexadecimal values for later use.

Using Google Sites

A great teacher created resource on how to begin creating your own Google Site.

Colour Lovers

Play with patterns and color schemes using this free site.


Allows the user to move the mouse pointer around the screen to choose a color to use.

philridout's Google Sites Help Site

This awesome site contains information on just about every feature or possibility you can imagine on Google Sites.

Color Wheel Personality Test

Find out what color best represents you.

Google Fonts

Do you need more fonts to use in your Google documents? Try here.

The Science of Color

How colors influence individuals in marketing.

Building a Better Google Site

This website was developed to instruct potential Site Admins in how a good site could be constructed.