Logging into your computers

First Time Logins

You will want to login on your Windows machine first. Once this is done, you can login on your Chromebook. If you reverse these steps, it may force you to visit IT to reset your password a second time.

Windows Username:
<some or all of your last name+first initial>

fcs<your employee number>

Chromebook Username:
<some or all of your last name+first initial>@fcpsk12.net

The same password you used for your Windows laptop

Once you change your password, you will be required to change it again at set intervals. You may use the same password you have been using if you choose, but it is strongly suggested that you use a different one if you are presented with this alert.

Because your school account is technically a Google account, you are able to sync your Google Chrome account across your Windows laptop and your Chromebook. If you open Chrome and select the option to sync your accounts you'll be asked for your login credentials. You can enter these and then click any buttons agreeing to the terms.

Chrome may begin loading various tabs that are pushed out from the SBO, but after this is done, you should be able to access your bookmarks and any other settings you may have.

Login Issues

You will need to speak with Jamie Bucher bucherj@fcpsk12.net (PC Tech) to reset your password for the computers.
Extension: 84188

Student Login Issues

If a student is having issues logging into their Chromebook, you will need to reach out to Jamie Bucher bucherj@fcpsk12.net (PC Tech) to work with the student or to reset their password.   Extension: 84188

Default student passwords will be set as the following if they are new to the district:                              fcs<student number>