Google Chrome

You will find help with Google Chrome on this page. Google Chrome is part of the Google environment. BUT, it can also be a little different than what you are used to in an internet browser.

Chrome Apps and Extensions

What are Chrome Apps? Watch the video below to find out. Or for more information, visit Google's informational page HERE.

Chrome extensions are another way to maximize your use of Google Chrome. The extensions can help you in many ways.

Creating your own personalized Start Pages

Using the Omnibox in Chrome

Possible PDF viewing solutions in Chrome

If you are having problems viewing Adobe PDFs while using Google Chrome, follow the directions as outlined below to try and solve the problem.

  1. Save the form to your hard drive; do not work online.

  2. You must disable the Chrome PDF Viewer in order to see some PDFs the correct way.

  3. View your plugins list by typing into the URL, or omnibox, chrome://plugins

  4. Uncheck the box below the Chrome PDF Viewer plugin.

  5. Now enable the Adobe Reader plugin by clicking the "Always allowed" checkbox for Adobe Reader.