New Teacher Info

The following pages will walk you through various instructional technology related procedures and information as you start here at James Wood High School.

If at any time you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact someone in the IT department so we may better assist you.

IT Staff:

  • Chad Fisher - (ITC) Instructional Technology Coach Extension: 84265

    • As a teacher in the building, the ITC may help plan lessons, teach or co-teach classes, coach students or teachers in content areas, assist in searching or learning about new software or hardware.

    • Can provide student Tyler passwords or resets.

    • Troubleshoots software applications when difficulty arises.

  • Jamie Bucher - PC Tech Extension: 84188

    • The technician of the building. He assigns and repairs the technology present in the building as well as troubleshoots and issues that may arise.

    • Provides student, staff, and substitute account information.

Other Email Addresses

In the event you need to send a help request to everyone in IT, you may use the email address.

Checking Voicemail from home:

  • Call automated SBO # 540-662-3889

  • Choose #2

  • Enter your extension number + #

  • Enter your passcode number + #