Device Takehome Policies for Teachers

You are able to take either computer home for use. Many teachers will typically leave one computer always plugged into their Viewsonic boards and carry the other computer. The more portable of the two is the Chromebook due to the battery life of the computer, but this is your own preference.

Please remember, the devices supplied to you are meant for school use only. These are not personal devices and as such may be collected at any time. This may be due to the need to erase and reinstall Windows, troubleshooting an issue, or a replacement or upgrade for the device. Because this could be the case, you should not store any personal data on the computer. Please consider using your own personal device for these purposes.

We request that if you know you will be out of school that you leave your Windows laptop in your classroom for any potential substitute.

Connections at Home

If and when you take your school computer home, you are able to connect it to your home WIFI or while in other locations outside of the school building. This also applies to personal printers in your location.

Printing at Home

Most newer printers will just need to be plugged into the computer to install any needed software. This should be true for your Windows laptop and more than likely the case for your Chromebook as well.