Google Apps

Google Apps for Education consists of various online applications meant to assist the user in multiple ways. The most typically used Apps would be Drive, Sites, Calendar, Search, Earth, Groups, and Contacts.

Each of these applications provide a varied use in, and out, of the classroom.

Google Apps and Extensions are often free add-ons to your Google Chrome browser. Some you will need to pay for or are downloaded on a Freemium basis. This means that they can be used with limited functionality, but to access more advanced features, the user must pay for the next tier of usability.

Accessing previously installed Apps

To access these Apps and Extensions, you will first need to be logged into your Google Chrome software using your FCPS Google account information.

There are two ways to see what applications you already have installed. The first is to open a new tab, which can be done by clicking on the little button to the right of the tab bar at the top of the screen. The second option is to click on the Apps button. This option will also open a new tab with all available applications shown.

Installing new Apps in Chrome

Searching and downloading new apps in the Chrome Web store is simple enough. After opening a new tab or clicking the Apps button on the toolbar, click on the Store icon.

As long as you are logged in to the Google Chrome Store with the correct account, you are now able to search and download Apps, Extensions, and Themes for the Google Chrome browser.

If you find an app or extension blocked for students, you can fill in this form to make the request to have it unblocked, or possibly blocked. A list of the current "open" apps and extensions available to students can be found here.

You will find that any applications or extensions you currently have installed will display a small green "ribbon" across the top left corner of the title screen of the app or extension . This will help you to not re-install what you already have.

To see a detailed description or reviews of the item you are interested in, you can click on it's title screen. If you would like to install it, you can click on the Add to Chrome button. The next time you look at your available Apps, you should now see what you've just added.