Software and Student Use

Students cannot access everything online. This is due to the need to protect them from possible risks associated with traversing the internet and other applications. 

Federal regulations, such as COPPA , FERPA, and CIPA, require public schools and it's staff to be aware of software and applications that students use for instruction and regulate their use. This often requires a review of Privacy Policies and Terms of Service to determine how personally identifiable information (or PII) is being used and if it's being shared to third parties. Also, information provided by users needs to be monitored so that students aren't intentionally or unintentionally sharing information to those outside of the district. This may be through chat boards, forums, etc. Websites can be blocked if they state, or possibly, don't state that they block PII from being shared with others or students are able to share information with others online. This is why websites may need to have a request placed to unblock it for student use.

While the use of a Google account is typically blocked for those under the age of 13, we use an educational Google domain which provides a different set of rules since district Google administrator's can block access to certain services or features.

Frederick County has a specific request form put together to determine whether a site or application is allowed for student use. This Canva presentation has links to the different Google Forms you may need for this request. It can be found HERE

Also, visit LearnPlatform and sign in using your school email to see the library of applications that have already been reviewed for student and teacher use.

Request that websites are blocked or unblocked for students or students and staff.

A product request refers to an app, or software application that needs to be paid for or has a student login.

Similar to a website request, but directed towards a Chrome app or extension.

Students cannot send or receive email from just anyone from outside the district. This request will help IT review the need for a specific source to communicate with students.