Using Google

Google Drive

FCPS uses Google for most things. One of those is the use of Google Drive as your basic storage solution. The majority of your documents and files used daily will be stored in this location.

If you are using a Windows laptop, you will also have a Google Drive application installed. Accessing this application will require you to sign in the first time. This will create a new Drive accessible on your computer simply called Google Drive.

Opening this Drive will give you access to the majority of your online files. Double-clicking a Google Document for instance will open your Chrome browser to that document so that you can begin editing. The same thing will happen as you open other files from your Google Drive on your computer. The Chrome browser will open each of these unless it is a file that can be opened without Chrome. For instance, a PDF or image may open independently of Chrome.

To learn more about the actual desktop (or laptop) application, see the directions HERE.