Please leave a device, preferably, your Windows laptop for your substitute. This will allow them to access the majority of what they may need to work through for your lessons and allow the Viewboard to work as well.

Day-to-Day Substitutes

Substitutes are provided their own login credentials on a daily basis. This means that they can login to a Chromebook or Windows laptop if needed. A substitute will not receive login credentials if they accept a job after 7AM.

The daily logins expire at the end of the school day and will lock a substitute out of their account at that time. Their password is automatically changed but their account still exists. This means that you are still able to share any plans with your sub if wanted but they cannot access those plans until the morning of their accepted job.

Long Term Substitutes

Long term substitutes are those individuals that will be covering for you for more than four days straight. A teacher that is out on maternity leave or sick leave for instance will probably have a long term sub.

These subs will not have their passwords reset at the end of each day and will instead have their passwords assigned to them for the duration of the accepted job. After that job ends, they will have their passwords reset once more and they will be placed into the day-to-day substitute category.


VLC Video Player icon

If it is necessary to play a DVD while your substitute is covering your class, you may need to acquire a portable DVD player that can plug directly into your Windows laptop. Each department has purchased one of these DVD players. If you do not have access through this means, you may contact the librarians to see if there are any for loan.

Once this device is plugged into your computer (again, this will ONLY be for your Windows laptop) you will need to open the VLC video player to play the DVD. If the video does not seem to play immediately, you may try unplugging the player and plugging it into another available USB on the computer.

***Some DVDs will not play using the portable DVD players. This is a known issue and at this time there is no resolution.***

If possible, try to find the video online instead of using DVDs. If this is not possible, and the DVD does not play correctly, another alternative video may need to be found.

Google Classroom

Any assignments that you need the substitute to display on your screen may need to have one of two options used.